How To Access The Dark Web

The web consist of three distinct part

  1. Surface web: this is the publicly available site that is indexed by popular public search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo. It consists of 4% of the whole web, shocking right?
  2. Deep web: these sites are not indexed by popular search engines and are usually visited by web users unknowingly. Whenever a user visits a company’s internal websites & database, banking sites, and any websites that require a username and password. Shocking right? Yeah. You can as well get to the deep web with the aid of Google Dorking. Holds 90% of the web
  3. Dark web: this is the part of the web whose information can be accessed through an overlay network that runs on the internet but with obscurity and can be accessed by special browsers like tor or I2P browsers. It consists of 6% of the web
  1. Prompt information about vulnerabilities that are being exploited
  2. Get first hand information about malicious tools
  3. Interact with threat actors to understand their tactics and techniques
  4. To understand the emerging and evolving threat landscape

Tools to Access

  1. Tor browser: download and install the tor browser at
  2. VPN: to enhance anonymity, download and install a virtual private network and change your location. There are tones of VPNs online such as NordVPN, Express, TunnelBear, etc. Please note: endeavor to start your VPN before using the Tor browser.
  3. Whonix: If you don't want to bother yourself about the 2 aforementioned tools, do well to download whonix. Whonix is an operating system you can run on a virtual machine to maximize your online anonymity; it’s ideal for maintaining a secret identity. You need a virtual box machine to install by exporting it on the VM. Whonix comes with pre-built applications such as tor browser, thunderbird, onionshare, etc. You can as well download and install it on Mac OS, Windows OS, and Linux OS. Download here at You will as well find the documentation helpful at

Dark Web Search Engine

  1. Duckduckgo: is the default search engine for tor-browser
  2. Torch
  3. notEvil
  4. (my best)


Navigating the darknet can be quite interesting and intriguing yet you must exercise safety as you ride the dark tunnel. First block web cam, second don’t download anything from the darknet, and lastly don't maximize the tor browser screen. Enjoy surfing!



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Olajumoke Oloyede

Olajumoke Oloyede


I am a Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst, Cybersecurity Trainer and Cybersecurity Researcher