Online Child Safety

  • engages with and/or is exposed to potentially harmful CONTENT. Sexual pornographic content, racist/hateful content and or malicious embedded advert.
  • experiences and/or is targeted by potentially harmful CONTACT. Such as harassment or stalking, grooming, sexual abuse in form of sex — texting and personal data misuse
  • witnesses, participates in and/or is a victim of potentially harmful CONDUCT. Such as bullying, gambling, potential harmful content.
  • is party to and/or exploited by a potentially harmful CONTRACT.
  • Children must not share passwords online.
  • Children must create and use strong password. Simple to remember and hard to guess
  • They must not install any game application without taking permission from parent
  • Set rules for online communication, they must not talk to strangers
  • They must not click on links carelessly
  • Show them what you are doing online as they will imitate you
  • Install online safety tool
  • They should never use the same password for online transactions
  • They should never purchase from any site that does not use https
  • They should use 2FA (2 factor authentication such as password and smartcard or password and OTP)
  • Discourage use of phone while doing homework
  • Enlighten them about the advantages and disadvantages of smartphones
  • Decide and engage in media free family time
  • Activate “Do not disturb” on smartphones during family free time
  • Use sites like to help decide movie, video, apps that is age appropriate. This provides you with other knowledge needed to talk your children
  • Engage in family activities that promote bonding and wellbeing such as reading, sport and chatting



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Olajumoke Oloyede

Olajumoke Oloyede


I am a Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst, Cybersecurity Trainer and Cybersecurity Researcher